Hi, I’m Jola

I’m a personal brand strategist and storytelling expert with a decade of experience in communications strategy, content development and editorial direction as well as an education in law, media production and filmmaking.

I help entrepreneurs and business leaders maximize the power of the media to build successful brands and achieve their goals.

I’m specially gifted in the art of turning personal stories into powerful brand messaging and crafting media narratives that accurately interpret the vision and passion of my clients. I’m your go-to person for building a powerful personal brand and establishing thought leadership across industries in a way that feels wholesome and aligns with your purpose.

I am passionate about helping people control their narrative and tap into their unlimited potential. I am a firm believer in the power of the media to change culture and transform lives and I am highly skilled in teaching individuals and businesses how to harness that power for their own good and the benefit of their community.

Email me at jola@jolasotubo.com to get started on your personal branding journey.