Why You Should Write A Love Letter To Your Ex

write a love letter to your ex

It sounds crazy right? You probably think I’m trying to drag you back to your past, and maybe I am. But it’s for a good reason.

Many of us have been through relationships that didn’t turn out how we expected; someone promised to love you forever but didn’t, someone was supposed to treat you right but they failed you. This is a story almost everyone can relate to. And most of the time we move on successfully, and we think everything is okay.

Yet when many of us hear “ex,” all that comes to our minds is bad memories. We carry a lot of hidden baggage that we might never know about if we don’t take the time to search our hearts. And that’s what writing a love letter to your ex is about.

Putting your thoughts and feelings on paper is one of the most therapeutic things you can do. I know, I’ve tried it. This is not about your ex at all, it’s about you. It’s about pouring out all the pain and disappointment of the past and letting it go. It’s also about acknowledging that, even though you were hurt, you learned some valuable lessons along the way.

your ex

A failed relationship doesn’t define you, it refines you and prepares you for better things. So when I tell you to write a love letter to your ex, I’m not trying to bring up sad memories. Rather I’m trying to help you see the good and let go of the bad.

You’ll be amazed at how liberated you’ll feel when you do this. I feel freer now than I’ve ever felt before. And it’s because I wrote a love letter to my ex. And if it makes you uncomfortable to call it a love letter, you can call it a forgiveness letter, because forgiveness is the best kind of love.

No matter how bad you’ve been hurt, forgiveness will set you free. Don’t do it for them, do it for yourself. Write a love letter to your ex today.

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