How To Make Fear Work For You

make fear work for you

Fear is a normal human reaction. You can’t avoid fear, but you can make fear work for you. We mostly view fear as a negative emotion and spend a lot of time trying to avoid it, but the key to a successful life is not an absence of fear but a mastery of it.

You have to identify what fear is trying to tell you at each point in time and then make an informed and unemotional decision about how you’re going to respond. Will fear paralyze you or will it galvanize you? The choice is yours. You can either allow your fear work against you or make it work for you.

make fear work for you

If you plan to do big things in life, if you plan to do anything in fact, you can expect fear to show up. It will show up when you’re out of school and looking for a job. It will show up on the job when someone you know gets fired. It will show up when you get married and when you have children. It will show up as you get older. Fear is going to be a constant companion in your life, so what are you gonna do about it? 

Here are a few ways to make fear work for you:

Pay attention

What exactly are you afraid of? Take the time to step out of your emotions and into your rational mind and analyze your fear. Does it make sense? What part of it is reasonable and what part isn’t? Our fears are usually built on conjectures and exaggerations of bad things that could happen. They are very rarely built on solid facts or logic. Examine your fear and if you find something worth paying attention to, then figure out a solution. If you find it to be irrational, as it almost always is, then put it away.

Take the next right step

Fear usually appears on the scene when we’re trying to get ahead of ourselves. We want to figure out everything that will happen in the next 6 months today. However, that’s just not how life works. We can create our plans and strategies but life is unpredictable and so we can expect some curveballs. So when you find yourself afraid, ask yourself what is the next right step in this situation? What can I do that is within my control? Let fear give you a reality check that you don’t get to decide everything that happens in 10 years today. 

make fear work for you

Choose to fight

The fear in your heart will always be a whisper in your ears. It’s not going away. However, you can’t let it limit you. When you find yourself afraid about what could go wrong if you follow your dreams, shift your mind to what could go wrong if you don’t. Then also think about what could go right and how beautiful your life will be when everything works out. Keep the picture of your victory in your mind and stand strong till it becomes your reality.

Life is full of risks and even hiding in a corner afraid is risky. You can either let fear rob you or you can ride on it to live your highest, brightest life. 

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