Isolation Diaries (Day 20) – What Will Be Your Harvest?

I’ve always been fascinated by the biblical story of how Isaac sowed seed during a famine and became very rich as a result. A famine is a situation where food is scarce and it can be caused by crop failure. Yet instead of eating his seed, Isaac decided to sow it. Basically, he ignored negative circumstances and focused on the future and he was rewarded for it.

I know you’re tired of people telling you to learn a skill and start a side hustle so I won’t bother with that. However, I will ask you one question: What will be your harvest from this season? What will you remember this epidemic for?

Will you be part of the millions who only remember as something bad? Or will you learn important lessons from this time? What will you have to show for all this?

I have some suggestions that are far more important and life changing than starting a business or learning a skill. First, get to know yourself. Pay attention to your thoughts and beliefs. Cross check your mindsets and make sure you’re not running on another person’s operating system.

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I’m a major of advocate of self-awareness. Trust me, it will change everything for you. It will make your vision so clear that you will be able to set your priorities right. And it will bring you inner peace and satisfaction.

Secondly, do one thing that makes your soul happy. Find a hobby or a passion that you enjoy so much that it can never feel like work. And when you find it, throw yourself into it and share your results with the world.

Finally, forgive yourself. I know you think you should be farther along by now. I know you’re worried about the timelines and deadlines you’ve missed. But guess what? You’re still here and you have time. The breath that you breathe every day is the most miraculous thing that can happen to you. And if you already have the best thing, other good things will come.

I said a prayer for everyone who reads this. I pray that you find joy, the kind that survives tough times. I pray you find love, love that satisfies your soul. I pray you never lose your wonder at the beauty of life. I pray you always remember that you matter and that your existence makes the world a better place. Love and light always.

Join me again tomorrow for Day 21 of my Isolation Diaries. You can also listen on my podcast or watch on my YouTube channel.

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