Dear Natasha: A Letter To My 15-Year-Old Self

jola sotubo

Dear Natasha,

It feels great doesn’t it? To get called by the name you think describes who you are at heart even though it wasn’t the name your parents gave you. They named you Monjolaoluwa but that name made you feel like you had to fit into a box. It made you feel like there was only one way you could be because you were Femi Sotubo’s daughter.

But Natasha? It made you feel free. It made you feel like you’d been born in America and attended Harvard and were now on your way to becoming the richest woman in the world. Natasha made you feel like your dreams were possible. 

I hear your heart, I know how it felt to be so unlike anyone else and yet have to pretend so that you could fit in. I remember how they treated you like an outcast when all you wanted was for them to like you. You did everything just so that they could like you, but nothing worked. 

Well guess what girl? Their likes didn’t matter that much because you did great without it. In fact, if they’d liked you, you’d probably not have achieved as much as you have, as we have. Yeah baby we made it. You became a strong woman. I know it’s hard to believe because you were so timid and afraid, but you did it.

You are now known to everyone as Jola Sotubo, the Jola Sotubo. The one who displays her pain for the world to see because she knows that warriors are not ashamed of their scars. Au contraire, they show them off. You have become a fearless, confident and successful woman who made a bestselling book out of her mistakes. You have become goals girl and I stan so hard.

So relax, I know right now you’re scared and afraid and so confused because that little coward you were dating just broke up with you by dropping a letter with your little brother. I know you think your life has ended, but I come from the future bearing good news, to tell you, that your life has just begun. 

Relax girl, it’s gonna be okay.

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