3 Things To Consider Before Changing Your Job

changing jobs

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As your career evolves, you might find yourself having to move from one job to another for better opportunities and prospects. However, changing jobs is not a matter to be taken lightly. To ensure you don’t get burned, here are three things you should think about before moving from one job to the next:

1. Is the pay really better? 

Don’t just look at the salary, look at the benefits also. I once moved to a job that was offering me double my previous salary and thought it was a good deal. 

However, the company I left offered us free transportation to and from work, and was in a less expensive neighbourhood so food was more affordable. So in actual fact, I wasn’t earning better pay in the new job, just more money. 

2. Is the company culture better?

I’m learning as time passes that culture is the defining factor for the success of companies and their staff. I’ve seen large and well funded companies with no culture crumble under their own weight, and I’ve seen small companies with great culture thrive. 

Working in a place with great company culture will make a difference to your career. I know this for a fact. So before you move to your next job, make sure that it has a better culture than the one you’re leaving.

3. Are there more opportunities for growth?

Every job change should position you for career growth. So before you move, make sure you study the operations of the next job and maybe even speak to some of the staff to find out how the company feels about their personal growth. 

Again, I once moved from a job where management placed great emphasis on training and development of staff to one where they simply didn’t care if you made progress or not.

It’s important to level up your career by switching jobs when necessary, but try to do your due diligence so you don’t jump from frying pan to fire. 

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