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It’s Not A New Year Until You Do Something New

We’re in February now and the frenzy of the New Year is about to fade for many people, that’s if it hasn’t already. This is about the time when resolutions bite the dust.

Every year we do this, we give up on an old year from December 1st and start counting down like something magical happens when the calendar changes.

By February however, most people just go back to their old lives and subtly start counting down to December so they can get excited again. It’s a vicious cycle, and you will stay caught in it if you don’t disrupt yourself and do something new. It’s not a new year until you actually do something new.

The calendar does not bring any magic, you do. So it’s time to disrupt yourself and make some changes to your life. Start small and take little steps, but do something. Make up your mind that this year will be new indeed for you. Happy New Year!

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