journey to eden podcast by jola sotubo

Listen To The First Episode Of My Podcast “Journey To Eden”

Hello and welcome to the first episode of Journey to Eden, a podcast hosted by me, Jola Sotubo. This episode is an introduction to explain the purpose of this podcast.

I’m sure you’re wondering about the name, so I’ll start with that. Eden means paradise. It’s a place of delight, fulfillment and bliss. These are things we all want and are all searching for, but many people are confused about how to get to this place and what path to take.

Journey to Eden podcast by Jola Sotubo
(Photo: Rifqi Ramadhan via Pexels)

Every day that you live should take you closer to Eden. We do not find this fulfillment overnight, neither do we arrive there suddenly. It’s like Michelle Obama said in her book “Becoming”. Asking a child what she wants to become in future is the wrong question because it’s based on the assumption that you can get to a point where you’re allowed to stop growing. That’s definitely not the case.

Life is a constant becoming, a constant unveiling, one open door leads to another and then another. It’s a process. That’s what the journey to Eden is, a process. On this podcast, I will share with you stories of how I’ve dealt with depression, suicidal thoughts, heartbreak after heartbreak, rejection, low self-esteem and pain so deep that I thought I’d never heal. I know now that I was assigned those mountains to show others that they can be moved.

journey to eden podcast by Jola Sotubo

I am firmly on the path to Eden, and you can be too. No matter where you are in your journey, this podcast will give you the clarity you need to take the first right step towards what you consider to be your own personal paradise. I assure you, that it’s going to be a jolly ride. 

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