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Journey To Eden Podcast: You Can Never Have Yesterday

My topic today is a modification of a line from a Leona Lewis song titled “Yesterday.” In the song, she sings about a lost love and how nobody can take memories of the past away from her. I sang this song a lot when I lost the person who I thought was the love of my life. I spent so much time going over all the beautiful words he spoke to me and all the promises he made.

At first it made me feel good, and I had a long playlist of songs talking about how great the past was and how awesome it would be to go back in time and make things the way they used to be. But then one year passed and then two and there I was still reliving the past and wishing it could come back and not recognizing that my life was passing me by.

I compared everyone I dated to this person and secretly hoped that he would one day come back and we’d be together because we had such a beautiful history. But then he got married. The person who I thought was the indisputable love of my life married someone else. I was so angry at myself for wasting time being stuck in the past and it took me a while to forgive myself. That’s why I’m giving you this wake up call today. Don’t make the same mistake I made. Get your head out of your past and into your present and your future.

your past
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I’m not only talking about dead end relationships. I’m talking about mistakes you’ve made and opportunities you’ve lost. I’m talking about people you’ve hurt and those who’ve hurt you. No good can come from dwelling in your past. In fact, if you don’t shift your focus, your past will strip your present and your future of all joy and hope. You can’t start a new chapter of your life, if you keep re-reading the old ones.

You can never have yesterday. It’s gone, long gone. You can’t unsay what you said. You can’t unlove who you loved. You can’t unborrow that money. You cannot undo that deed. You can’t unsleep with that guy. Let it go. LET. IT. GO. It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it.

Your eyes, and your two feet are facing forward for a reason, because you have been gifted with the ability to march forward through the strongest obstacles. All you have to do is take one step at a time. When the past comes knocking, just ignore it. Eventually it will knock less and less until it finally fades away.

It doesn’t matter who you used to be, what matters is who you have the potential to become. It doesn’t matter what you’ve done in the past, what matters is what you have the capacity to do. It’s time to kiss the past goodbye and march forward to a better future. It’s waiting for you with open arms.

your past
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