It's Time To Tell The Truth
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It’s Time To Tell The Truth

You’ve been lying and so have I. Don’t deny it, you know it’s true, but it’s time to tell the truth

Remember that time when you said you were fine but you had just finished crying in the office toilet? Remember when someone hurt you with their words but you said it was okay? Yet every day since then you play their words over and over again in your mind and beat yourself up for another person’s opinion.

We edit our lives so much that eventually we start forgetting to tell the truth. We tell so many lies that we actually start to believe them, at least our minds do. But deep inside, our souls are crying to be heard. They are crying to be allowed to tell the truth. Because guess what, the truth heals. The truth, and nothing but the truth will set you free. Stop imprisoning yourself with your own lies. Yes there are some things in your life that are not meant for the gram. But find yourself someone you can always tell the truth.

Telling your truth will give others permission to tell theirs, and your freedom will set others free.
It's Time To Tell The Truth

We live in a world that’s so air-brushed that our individuality is also being brushed away. We have become masters of deception, the makeup hides the scars and the filters hide the spots. We hide so much that everyone is assuming everyone else’s lives are perfect. And that’s the reason for this global chase for perfection which can only end in frustration.

Nobody has a perfect life, and nobody will as long as we’re on earth. So it’s time to tell the truth. Share your journey, not just the pretty parts. All of it, the good, the bad and the ugly. Your journey is your truth and your truth makes you who you are. Tell the truth.


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