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It’s Time For Us To Talk About The Danger Of Postinor 2 Abuse

Too many young women in Nigeria are abusing Postinor 2 and it’s time to do something about it. We live in a country where many people expect their daughters and sisters to get married as virgins so they refuse to have conversations about sex and sexual health. The mentality is if we pretend we can’t see it, it won’t hurt. Unfortunately, it’s hurting, and very badly too.

We are a country in denial, and whether we like it or not denial is causing us serious problems. I was recently exposed to some information about how young women are using the emergency contraceptive, Postinor 2 and it left me alarmed. This situation gives me great concern because this drug can be bought over the counter without a prescription or advice from a doctor.

How does Postinor 2 work?

Postinor 2 is meant to be used to prevent pregnancy within 24-72 hours of unprotected sex. It’s supposed to be used once in a while, but I’ve discovered that young girls are using it as much as four times in a month.

Overuse of Postinor 2 messes with a woman’s cycle and might cause her period to cease for up to three months. Only God knows what long term effects it can have. Young girls are jeopardizing their reproductive systems by using this drug the wrong way and most of them don’t even know it.

Postinor 2

The heart of the matter

I understand that we want to have a morally upright society and we’ve been taught that the way to achieve this is to keep quiet about sex. But this silence is causing many girls to act in ignorance about sex and sexual health issues.

These girls are sisters and daughters of people who might think they’re being celibate. But they’re not. I’m not saying you should encourage your sisters and daughters to have sex outside marriage. All I’m saying is educate the young girls around you so that they’ll be empowered to make the right choices no matter what that means for them.

Somebody’s daughter believes she can use a laxative after unprotected sex to prevent pregnancy. That is terrible. The lack of information is not keeping them from having sex, instead it’s putting them in danger.

So it’s time for us to have these conversations. Call your sisters and cousins and talk to them frankly about sex. You don’t have to ask if they’re sexually active because they might not tell you the truth. But please make sure they have all the information they need. Thank you.

Update: There’s nothing wrong with using Postinor 2, it’s how you use it that matters. It should not be used more than once in your cycle so you don’t have issues with menstruation. Other methods of contraception exist including condoms, birth control pills and IUDs which have a more permanent effect. Please see a doctor to find out which works best for you.

Also, I’m working with an expert to arrange a free sexual health seminar to let you know your options. If you’d like to attend this free seminar, please fill your email into the form below and you’ll be contacted when everything is in place.

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3 thoughts on “It’s Time For Us To Talk About The Danger Of Postinor 2 Abuse”

  1. Yes people over use it, which is wrong. So after this write up what should people use ? U haven’t said anything we don’t know.
    What next?

    1. Hello Jen, thanks for your comment. This post was a call to action for people to understand the problem and educate their loved ones about sex and sexual health options. However I’ve added some helpful links with more information and I’m working with an expert to arrange a seminar to educate people on their options. Thank you.

  2. Hi jola,this is really a very nice article.

    The rate at which ladies use contraceptives this days is quite alarming.

    Simply put this drug is abused in Nigeria and the side effects are alarming.

    There are other means of regular contraceptives one can use.

    Condom,IUDS, natural methods,e.t.c

    Ladies should go for this methods insraed of consuming postinor 2

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