AER Rooftop Bar Four Seasons Mumbai
The Good Life

The AER Rooftop Bar At The Four Seasons Hotel, Mumbai Is The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of!

If you know me, then you already know I love the good life. That’s why I’m in love with the AER Rooftop Bar At The Four Seasons Hotel, Mumbai!

The view is astounding! You can see the amazing Mumbai skyline and also catch a glimpse of the Arabian Sea.

The AER Rooftop bar itself has such amazing décor that you know somebody put a lot of thought (and money) into it. I’m in love and I can already picture myself and a special someone (wink wink) wining and dining there.

AER Rooftop Bar

I’m wearing a gorgeous red off shoulder dress which shows off my figure and my spectacular shoulders (with all due modesty), and he’s wearing blue jeans and a crisp white shirt (I love jeans and white shirts on my man.)

While we’re enjoying dinner, he starts to sing “A whole new world” from Aladdin and when he’s halfway through, fireworks light up the sky and I turn to see that they’ve spelled out “Marry Me ‘Jola.”

When I turn back, I see my baby on one knee asking me to share this whole new world with him. I’m in heaven.

AER Rooftop Bar
(Photo: Ross Oscar Knight)

Thank you AER Rooftop Bar and Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai for being the place(s) where my dreams came true. We’ll be back with our twin babies. Kisses.

AER Rooftop Bar Four Seasons Mumbai
(Photo: Four Seasons)

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